Do you have personal, professional, or business goals but you are not sure how to accomplish them?


Then the "Kingdom Builders Goal Setting Webinar," is for you. 


In this faith based webinar you will learn:

1. Both biblical & practical strategies for goal acheivement 

2. The external and internal threats that stop you from completing goals

3. Prayer strategies for breakthrough 

4. How to set and track the progress of goals 

5. The 6 requirements for goal achievement 


PLUS the webinar comes with a Goal Setting Workbook 


Webinar Length : 1:28:00 


King Jesus Christ is requiring for His people to get things done in the Earth on His behalf and goal setting is a powerful tactic to ensure you do just that! 


The host, Sadè Banks, MBA "Ms. Bankable," has a 10 year career as a banking analyst for some of the world's most premier institutions. She understands the power in using biblical principles, strategy & focus to achieve both God given & professional goals.

Kingdom Builders Goal Setting Webinar + Workbook