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Prayer of Prosperity For Christian Entrepreneurs

Father, you said that you want me to be in good health and to prosper as my soul prospers (3 John 1:2), so I decree and I declare that my soul is being watered by the word. The word is washing away financial rebellions and strengthening me to govern the financial harvests that are being released for my business.

I decree that my soul is springing up and it is sprouting prosperity & joy in the promises of the Lord God Almighty. I prophesy that my New Creation Spirit is cleansing my soul and preparing it for its divine destiny and manifestation. I open up my treasuries in accordance to me getting my finances into alignment with the Word of God. God show me every single financial discretion & every single financial offense that has stopped my business finances from flowing as it should as a joint heir of Jesus Christ.

Show me, Lord my failures in stewardship & in not properly managing & multiplying what you've entrusted to me. Father drawn me into repentance so that I can heal my business & personal treasuries to the status of overflow in, Jesus's Name. Jesus, I thank you for cleansing and clearing my records with repentance. God setup and build me to be your kingdom distribution center. Oh God, cleanse and heal my soul of every financial trauma rooted from childhood.

God I bless you for the new day, for the new wealth and for my new portion. I put money on an assignment, as the under-sovereigns of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I command you, to supply my business with clients, opportunities, mutually beneficial relationships, and great favor, in Jesus's name! I prophesy that my business is storehouse of wealth and resources!

In Jesus's Name, Amen.


Sadé Banks, Business Master Builder

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