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How to Increase Sales & Leads from Business Cards

Business cards are often viewed simply as a way for potential customers and business partners to contact you in the near future; business cards are so much more. When designed with a goal in mind they can generate more sales and help to grow our businesses. We often forget that business cards are not only a representation of you & your business, but they should be used as a marketing tool. In this article, we will be covering 3 easy yet powerful tactics that you can use to grow your business income and relationships through business cards.

1. Place your photograph on the front of your Business Card.

Imagine, you are out at a networking event where people are exchanging business cards and having mini conversations with multiple individuals. Now ask yourself, after the event, how are people going to remember you? Will they remember your name? Do you remember everyone you’ve spoken with at events? By placing your picture on your business card, it will be much easier for a potential business connection or customer to:

A. Remember the conversation that they had with you.

B. Determine whether or not they liked you enough to proceed with establishing a relationship with you.

Therefore, by placing your picture on the card, this will enhance your chances of receiving a call back from a business connect. Remember humans are very visual, visuals help to jog our memories and emotions.

2. Place your lead magnet or FREE offer on your Business Card. A strong marketing strategy is to offer potential customers something free in exchange for their email address.

In growing your email list, you’ll be able to build a cash cow community that you will provide consistent value to and build a genuine relationship with. Once you have established the “know, like and trust,” relational factor with your list, they will eventually generate a mass amount of revenue for you.

Tip: If your free gift is a guide or video that has a long web address, go to BIT.LY. Bit.Ly is a free website that provides shorter versions of websites. The Bit.Ly that you create, will automatically re-route the customer to the web address for them to capture your free offer.

For example, to learn how to overcome business failure and become profitable as a startup, visit and gain access to my webinar “From Zero to Bank.”

Tip: Another effective tactic to increase sales is to add “Loyalty Boxes” on your business cards. With every purchase, check off a Loyalty Box and on the 4th purchase, offer your customers a deep discount; this method encourages multiple purchases from customers. A smart shopper love discounts!

3. Include a customer testimonial.

Word of mouth is powerful, and it provides greater credibility to your business. By having access to a testimonial on your business card, your chances of gaining a customer has increased significantly. Testimonials build trust and therefore potential customers are assured that your product or service will satisfy their wants and needs effectively.

A business connection will be reassured that you are run a successful and professional business and they’ll feel more comfortable in providing you referrals.

Need help creating business cards? runs deals quite often for business card printing.Vistaprint.comalso has user friendly drag and drop business card templates. If you prefer a customized card to make your business stand out more in the marketplace, hire a designer Designers charge between $5-$20.00 for business card design. Once you have the design, upload and print the business cards on


To increase leads, sales, and business connections, place the following on your business cards:

1. Your photo

2. A FREE Offer or Lead Magnet

3. A testimonial

What is a must-have for you on your business cards?

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