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3 Marketing Tools Every Online Business Needs For Leads

“Marketing is the lifeblood of your business” D. Jervey. No leads mean no hope for your business growth.

Marketing is defined as a process by which you attract leads (strangers who are interested in your products or services), generate prospects (people who show by their actions, that they are interested in your products and services) then convert them to paying customers.

Marketing to the correct group of people, via the proper channels, will yield significant results in your business; by the growth I’m referring to increased sales and an increased customer base.

The traditional ways to market such as tv commercials and news ads that are still effective. Then there are the exploding internet marketing methods like Facebook, Linkedin & Instagram ads. Whichever method you use, it is important to note that you must know who your ideal customers are.

Who are the people that need and want your products and services? Know their age range, sex, income, job professions, marital status etc. You also need to know their emotional profile, what gets them excited, troubles them, and keeps them up at night.

Your marketing messages must hit those emotional buttons, and convey that your business provides the best solution for their problem. When you market, your goal is attract and generate leads and convert them into prospects, then use sales tactics to convert them into customers.

It is important to note that in order to generate leads, you must:

A. Have a free offer called a lead magnet. Your free offer can be product discounts, a sample of your product, a free e-book or checklist pdf. In order for someone to receive the free gift they must provide their first name and email address. If you are a person who prefers to call potential customers because it yields better sales results, collect their phone numbers as well.

You can use graphic tools like to create your lead magnets.

Once someone opts into your list by accepting your lead magnet, they’ve then graduated from being a lead to a prospect.

B. You’ll need a landing page. This is a webpage where leads can go to opt into your email list and receive the free gift. I suggest GetResponse if you are bootstrapping your business. GetResponse is great becuase it only costs $15 a month. GetResponse will give you a web address to give people so that they may opt-in for your gift. GetResponse also has beautiful templates for you to use to make your landing-page is easy to create.

C. You need a place to store your leads contact information. For startup companies, I also suggest using GetResponse. Not only can you create a landing page but also this system allows you send emails out to a mass amount of people at one time. GetResponse can be used for free for 30 days then $15.00 monthly.

I love GetResponse because they offer 24/7 online chat of which is very unique for any CRM service.  


Your goal as a marketer, is to capture the attention of strangers and convert them into prospects then future customers. You can obtain this goal by:

A. creating a lead magnet

2. Using a CRM platform such as GetResponseto create a landing page.

3. Use Getreponse to store your leads information and build a relationship with them through regular email messages.  

Sadé Banks, MBA a.k.a “Ms. Bankable” is a licensed minister & a Business Building Expert who equips Kingdom entrepreneurs to start, build, and grow bankable businesses.





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