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Courses, EBOOKS & Audios

By Sadé Banks, The Business MasterBuilder

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Empower, Equip, Excel


The 5 Spiritual Keys of Success

Discover the proven spiritual keys that unlock God's favor & prosperity in your business.

The 5 Spiritual Keys of Success I course includes MP3 audios & a companion workbook. 


In the 5 powerful audios, you'll learn how: 

  • Faith

  • Diligence

  • Collaboration

  • Divine Connections

  • Integrity 

Can be used to anoint your business for success according to scripture. 

The 5 Spiritual Keys of Success I workbook features:

  • Thought provoking questions 

  • Journal 


The workbook is designed to uncover areas where you need development in each spiritual key. The goal is to equip you to grow and sustain godly success

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Zero to Business: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Profitable Business God's Way

Position your Business for Profits by Building it on a Solid Foundation! 


Learn the proven Biblical & practical principles that have been used for thousands of years to build successful businesses. 

Many new entrepreneurs do not know that business has 5 keys that must be honed to unlock the true potential of their businesses.

Get ahead of your competitors! By investing in the Zero to Business guide, you'll learn not only 5 keys but also the strategies that will take your business knowledge & profits to the next level. ​


5 Spiritual Keys to Success audios

Financial Mangagement Audio 



Profit Calculations 

Social Media Calendar

Systems Directory 

Goal Setting Calendars 

Daily Activity Tracker 



Kingdom Builders Goal Setting Webinar + Workbook

Do you have both business & personal goals, but you are not sure how to accomplish them?

Then the "Kingdom Builders Goal Setting Workshop," is for you. 

In this faith based webinar you will learn:

  • 1. Both biblical & practical Strategies for Goal Achievement 

  • 2. The external and internal threats that stop you from completing goals

  • 3. Prayer Strategies for breakthrough 

  • 4. How to Set and Track the progress of goals 

  • 5. The SIX requirements of Goal Achievement 

PLUS the webinar comes with a Goal Setting Workbook!

Beat procrastination & get things done! Your business and prosperity depends on it. 

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Bankable Business Plans Webinar + Workbook

Go from Zero to Financed 

Writing your business plan can be a very intimidating, especially when you do not know  what investors are looking for or even what to include in your plan. 

Gain confidence. The Bankable Business Plan I course will provide you the in's and out's of writing your plan and give you ideas on how to attract the right investors for your business.

In this course, you'll learn: 

  • What makes your business bankable (sure to bring in a profit)

  • The secrets to writing an attractive business plan worthy of investment 

  • How to build trust with investors 

  • How to identify paying customers 

  • How to create a marketing plan to increase sales 

After taking the course, you'll gain:

  • Greater clarity & insight for building your business   

  • Discover your advantages over competitors 

  • Assess your business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, & threats 

  • Basic knowledge of financial statements 

  • Market Research resources 

Course Features:

  • 1 hour training with the Business MasterBuilder, Sadè Banks, MBA  

  • Business Plan workbook (23 pages) 


Create a roadmap to your business's success!  

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