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Are you a Christian Entrepreneur that has a million ideas, but you need clarity on how to achieve them?

Or perhaps, you feel stuck, embarrassed, and powerless in your God given call to build a business?


If either is you keep reading.  .   .


I am Sade Banks, MBA a Business MasterBuilder who unlocks Christian entrepreneurs’ clarity and profit potential. By God’s grace, I’ve taken my clients from barely able to make payroll to operating a multimillion company, but I haven’t always been this person. 


As a little girl, I told my mother, I wanted to be the President of the United States. I wanted the power, because in poverty you often feel powerless. In an environment that was saturated with hopeless, I wanted to help people.

In essence I wanted to be an entrepreneur because I hate being poor, I despised the limitations of lack and the shame associated with barely having enough. 


Now fast forward to today, with my master’s degree in business & entrepreneurial prowess, I empower other Christian entrepreneurs to tap into their creativity, monetize their gifts, and explore the limitless potential of entrepreneurship.


By connecting with me, we will work together to break cycles of confusion, embarrassment, and shame.


Jesus has a plan for your business, and I am here to unlock its hidden treasures and usher you into your next level of entrepreneurship! - Sadé Banks, MBA

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Work With Me

 “My experience with Sadé as my business coach was a breath of fresh air.
Every week I looked forward to our coaching sessions. She coached me on my business with a biblical standpoint and I really liked that concept. She is an awesome coach, very energetic, she is also very passionate about you and your business. If you are looking to take your business to the next level or you just need ideas, guidance and getting yourself out there, Sadé is definitely the person to contact.”

D. Suggs

Fitness and Health Expert

clarity Call

Have a million ideas but not sure how to execute & achieve them? Get Expert advice. Book a FREE 15 minute session.


Tired of feeling powerless about your business performance? Remove the feeling of embarrassment and powerlessness. BOOK a Consultation today!

I'll show you how to: 

Monetization your Gifts

Remove of Profit Blockages 

Profit from Wisdom & Counsel 

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